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A View to the Stars

Chabot Space & Science Center - formerly Chabot Observatory, formerly Oakland Observatory - has put stars in the eyes of its citizens, students and visitors from around the world for over 130 years. IT ALL STARTED WITH THE GIFT OF A TELESCOPE to the city of Oakland in 1883 - only a few years after folks were traveling west in covered wagons.

Since then, countless visitors have gazed through the Chabot telescopes at the WONDERS OF THE NIGHT SKY. Chabot Observatories: A View to the Stars explores the history of the Chabot Observatories and how its historic telescopes continue to be used today. Daytime visitors can operate a virtual telescope, experiment with mirrors and lenses to understand how telescopes create images of distant objects, and TRAVEL THROUGH MORE THAN A CENTURY of Chabot's history via multimedia kiosks, historical images and artifact displays.