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Comet Celebration

Challenger Learning Center

Put your skills to the test by joining a crew on a simulated Mission to Mars in the Challenger Learning Center®. Build a probe and launch it to one of the moons of Mars, Deimos or Phobos. Design a life support system that can sustain your crew. Operate robotic arms to analyze hazardous chemicals, damaged meteoroid shields and more!

Tickets: $8
Friday, April 18 (1pm & 3pm)

As Comet ISON heads towards the Sun, we will all wait in anticipation to see if it loops around without burning up! In the meantime, come to Chabot and discover the wonders behind comets. You can launch a bottle comet high into the sky, make a comet in our comet workshop, speak to our resident comet expert on our observatory deck, and take a trip to outer space with a unique Challenger Learning Center simulated mission specially designed to explore comets.

Included with General Admission
Comet Celebration (11am - 4pm)
Space Missions (12:30pm & 3pm), $10 per person
Comet Workshop (1:45pm - 2:45pm)

Saturday, November 30, 2013 Showtimes

11:00 AM

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