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During week one, students produced both print cartoons and digital "bit strips," using the online tool at Bitstrips.com. Below are the digital cartoons.

Black Hole Funnies

"Why did the star cross the road? Cause there was a black hole on the other side."
- Christopher Tong

"Why are black holes black? They are in mourning!!!"
- Karen Cham

"What did gravity say to the singularity? I'm in your event horizon, freeing your antimatter."
- Gabriel Navarette

"Why was all the food gone in the buffet, cause the Black Hole was there"!
- Kevin Chuc

"What did the Black Hole say to space? Nice curves!"
- Leonne Chung & Jeanette Zhu

"Why was the Black Hole arrested? Because it was an accomplice to Galactic Cannibalism!"
- Leonne Chung & Jeanette Zhu

"Why are black holes so shy? Because they want to preserve their singularity."
- Marie Rice

"Why was the black hole depressed? It had such a dark personality."
- Niharika Godbole

"Why did the black hole see the psychiatrist? It had a singularity complex."
- Niharika Godbole

Black Holes: Space Warps and Time Twists is a production of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The "Black Holes" exhibition was funded by a generous grant from the National Science Foundation and additional support from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.

Production Partners for "Black Holes: Space Warps and Time Twists" are:

  • The Association of Science-Technology Centers
  • Jeff Kennedy Associates, Inc.
  • XhibitNet/Image Works
  • Goodman Research Group
  • The Youth Astronomy Apprenticeship Program, MIT
  • Galaxy Explorers Black Hole Summer Institute, Chabot Space & Science Center

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