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Submitting your timesheet

Timesheets are due at 5pm every other Saturday. They can be submitted in hard copy to the floor manager or emailed to GalaxyExplorers@ChabotSpace.org

Galaxy Explorer Timesheet

Timesheets must reflect accurate hours, including all labor law considerations (please see below). If you have questions about your schedule or how to submit a timesheet, contact the Galaxy Explorer office at least one business day before the due date.

Hours commitments and limits

Internship requirements are subject to change with funding and seasonal needs. The most up-to-date information about our expectations and hours limits will be posted here - please check if you have any questions!

California labor laws relevant to GE interns

The labor laws excerpted below are firm limits on intern hours. It is your responsibility when scheduling to make sure that you do not exceed the limits below; if we notice that you have exceeded the legal limits when scheduling, we will modify your schedule and notify you by email.

You are required to take a day of rest each week if you exceed 30 hours/week or more than 6 hours/day on any day of that week. In addition, if you work more than six consecutive hours you are entitled to a 30 minute unpaid lunch break and two paid 15 minute breaks.

Age Monday-Thursday Friday-Sunday


Max 3 hours/day
Max 18 hours/week
No later than 7pm

Max 8 hours/day
Max 48 hours/week
No later than 9pm


Max 4 hours/day
Max 48 hours/week
No later than 10pm

Max 8 hours/day
Max 48 hours/week
No later than 12:30am

Your school may impose additional restrictions on your hours - please review your work permit and discuss any questions with program staff.