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How to Get Started

Getting Started in the Galaxy Explorers

Welcome new Galaxy Explorers! Check out the information below to get your volunteer work started. 

Hours Expectations     Scheduling shifts in Volgistics     Signing In     Help! It's my first shift! 

Hours Expectations

All Galaxy Explorers are expected to complete a yearly hours requirement of 72 hours. This can be done in one of two ways: 

  • Seasonal volunteers work during breaks, on holidays, and over the summer, completing at least 66 hours over the course of a year. 
  • Regular volunteers complete at least 6 hours per month, year-round, totaling at least 72 hours over the course of a year. 

What's the difference? Seasonal volunteers have more flexibility in their schedule, but are not eligible for special opportunities, field trips, and enrichment events. Regular volunteers have priority access to special events and can earn elite volunteer status. 

Scheduling Shifts in Volgistics

Your first step to volunteering is signing up! Follow the steps below to get started.

  1. Click the Volgistics Log-In button on the landing page of the Galaxy Explorers. (Your log-in information is YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS, password YOUR VOLUNTEER ID NUMBER. Your ID number is located on the back of your name tag for reference, and was emailed to you when you when you completed orientation.
  2. Once signed in, click the "Sign-Up" button. This will take you to the calendar showing all opportunities for which you are eligible.
  3. Click the red "Help Wanted" on the date for which you wish to sign up. You will only be able to see the shifts for which you qualify, and you will be able to see if anyone else is signed up for that activity, event, training, or demo. You cannot sign up for shifts that are already full.
  4. Select the shift you are interested in. Please check your calendar, ask your mom, and confirm your availability BEFORE signing up!
  5. Click the green "Schedule Me" button to confirm. 

Signing in for your shifts

In order to receive credit for your hours, you need to log in at the Volunteer Computer upon arival.

  1. Stop at the Volunteer Information Center in the Volunteer Lounge. Do not wait in line at the front desk! 
  2. Enter your Volunteer ID number and confirm your identity. If a different name comes out, touch "no" and start over. Do not sign in using another Galaxy Explorer's name.
  3. Select the shift you have signed in for to track your hours. 

That's it! You're ready to volunteer. 

At the end of your shift, sign out so that we know you have completed your shift and have left. If you forget to sign out, inform us at GalaxyExplorers@ChabotSpace.org so that we can correct your hours. 

Help! It's my first shift! 

Don't panic! It's going to be great. 

  • Make sure you are in uniform - your volunteer polo, black or khaki pants, a name tag, and closed-toed shoes.
  • Arrive a few minutes early to sign in. 
  • Remember to log in and wait for the shift leader in the volunteer lounge. 
  • To set up your table, (a) locate a table underneath the stairs and bring to your demo location, and (b) find a tablecloth and demo kits located in the coat room. 
  • If you have any additional questions or needs, ask someone!