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Solar Radiation

Current Irradiance

The Solar Radiation value (or "irradiance") shows the strength of sunlight, in Watts per square meter, striking the Earth at Chabot's location (Latitude: 37.789 N Longitude: 122.182 W).

24-hour Solar Irradiance

This graph shows the past 24 hours of solar radiation, or irradiance, measured at Chabot Space & Science Center. On sunny days, the peak irradiance value usually indicates the time of true astronomical noon, when the Sun is at its highest point in the sky for the day.

Solar Irradiance High and Low

This display shows the solar radiation value at present (left) as well as the high value and low value since midnight (middle and right, respectively).

Solar Irradiance Dominance

This pie distribution chart is a "quick look" way to see how much of the last 24 hours enjoyed what level of solar irradiance. Note that the lowest category includes zero, which encompasses nighttime.

24-minute Irradiance

Solar radiation (irradiance), recent.

24-minute Irradiance Rate

This strip chart shows the rate of change of solar radiation (irradiance) based on the last hour.