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2014 Season

May 9 (6pm - 7:30pm)
Carl Haber
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Physicist
and MacArthur Genius Award Winner

The Future of Saving Sound
Dr. Carl Haber takes us on a journey of sound. Listen to the earliest known sound recordings, learn how the process has changed throughout history, and what scientists are doing to restore our oldest relics. From the first sounds recorded by Thomas Edison in 1877 to the 1950's, when most recordings were made on wax, foil, shellac, lacquer and plastic, Haber discusses the importance of preserving these treasures. Enjoy listening to samples of some of these rare archived works.

Bio »

Carl Haber is an experimental physicist. He received his Ph.D. in Physics from Columbia University and is a Senior Scientist in the Physics Division of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory at the University of California. His career has focused on the development of instrumentation and methods for detecting and measuring particles created at high energy colliders, including Fermilab in the United States and at CERN near Geneva, Switzerland. Since 2002 he and his colleagues have also been involved in aspects of preservation science, applying methods of precision optical metrology and data analysis to early recorded sound restoration. He is a recent MacArthur Fellow and a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation.


October 17 (6pm - 7:30pm)
Tom Atchison
Founder & Chairman, Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation

Making Access to Space a Reality for Everyone
Welcome to the Space Renaissance! Technological advances are now enabling civilians to design, build and operate simple space craft and launch vehicles at an affordable cost. These new technologically driven capabilities are reigniting the passions and interests of students, private citizens, and communities around science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Atchison discusses key opportunities to engage students and their communities to accomplish the goal of civilian space exploration!

Bio »

After more than 25 years as a senior executive and entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Tom got the civilian space bug from a lunch discussion with a number of founders of Xircomm, including Dirk Gates, and has never looked back. Having successfully started and run four high technology ventures, he returned to his roots in 2002. Tom had worked for the NASA-Ames chemical research projects office in 1980. He decided it was time to pursue his passion for space exploration again, by joining the civilian space race full time, designing and building his own rockets.

Tom founded the Mavericks Civilian Space Foundation, a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to facilitating civilian space research, STEM education and competition as an enabler of civilian space explorers. Tom is a TRA L-3 certified flyer with a passion and drive for developing new experimental propulsion technologies that will reduce the cost and increase the accessibility of civilian space exploration.

Tom holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and B.S. in Radiochemistry, and has completed graduate studies in Engineering Management at Santa Clara University.


November 14 (6pm - 7:30pm)
Will Wright
Game Designer & Creator of Sim City

Constructing a New Gaming Genre
Twenty years ago, a video game that you could neither win nor lose was inconceivable unless you were Will Wright. With five years of college under his belt and no degree, then twenty-something year old Wright created a game based on designing and building cities. In achieving that goal, Will created a new genre in gaming and within it, one of the best-loved game franchises in history, SimCity. An entirely new kind of video game genre, focused on open-ended, non-violent gameplay was born! Hear Will discuss his journey and his upcoming projects.

Bio »

Will Wright (born January 20, 1960, Atlanta, Georgia) is a well-known computer game designer and is co-founder of Maxis. He created groundbreaking games unlike any others such as: SimCity, The Sims and Spore. Known for his unusual ideas and projects, which later have become groundbreaking hits sealing his reputation as one of the most important game designers in the world. Currently CEO of "Stupid Fun Club," he's now working on new concepts to expand the realm of gaming into our everyday lives. When asked what he does he just says "I design stuff." Rolling Stone magazine called him "one of the 100 people that changed America."


Past Speakers


  • Edward Moses
    Director of Fusion Science and Applications Research,
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • Alexander Rose
    Executive Director of Long Now Foundation and Clock Project Manager
  • Ray Jayawardhana
    Author and Professor of Observational Astrophysics


  • Jim Capobianco, Derek Thompson & Kevin O'Brien
    Pixar Animation Studios
  • Dr. Felisa Wolfe-Simon
  • Dr. Alex Filippenko
  • John Romero & Brenda Brathwaite Romero
    Game Designers
  • Robert Weiss
    President of Xprize & Entertainment Movie Producer


  • Brian David Johnson
    Author and FutureCaster at Intel
  • Ben Burtt
    Sound Director, Designer & Engineer for LucasFilms/Pixar
  • Bill Nye the Climate Guy
    Scientist, Engineer, Comedian, Author, and Inventor
  • Ray Jayawardhana
    Author and Professor of Observational Astrophysics


  • Dr. Michio Kaku
    Bestselling Author and Popularizer of Science
  • Mary Roach
    Columnist and Popular Science Writer and Author
  • Bill McKibben
    American Environmentalist and Writer
  • Al Worden
    Apollo 15 Astronaut