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The Supper Club

A unique package of dining and adventure in a majestic setting

Adults 21 & Over

Each month features a new theme, pairing dinner with an exclusive activity unique to our Center. The dining experience is brought to you by one of our preferred caterers showcasing an array of specially prepared food. An adventure that's distinctively Chabot. See below for descriptions and list of dates.


Seating is limited!
Make your reservation today by calling our box office at (510) 336-7373
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Upcoming Dates

  • Saturday, July 19 (Dinner: 6pm followed by Show)
    Love & Lasers featuring cuisine by Checkers Catering
    Menu » (pdf)
    $55 / Guests: $65
    Treat your sweetheart to a feast of great food and visual music! Begin your night dining under the stars in a romantic planetarium setting. After dinner, immerse yourselves in the darkness of our planetarium and experience the classic songs of Pink Floyd syncopated to the cosmic artistry of LaserMania. Watch as thousands of laser make for a visual treat that will take you on a journey of romance!

    This month features Checkers Catering. Checkers offers a wide variety of cuisines using the freshest ingredients. They are a Certified Green Business and have been named one of the top 500 women owned business in the United States.

  • Saturday, August 30 (6pm - 10pm)
    Love Mission featuring cuisine by Miraglia
    Menu » (pdf)
    $55 / Guests: $65
    Take your sweetheart on a memorable date - dinner under the stars then whisk away on a simulated space mission to the Red Planet! Adventure awaits as you work on an exclusive team with other couples to rescue the space transport capsule from calamity! You and your date will be transported to a world of space travel inside Chabot’s exclusive and interactive onsite mission control and spacecraft simulator. The adventure includes romantic music, hands on assignments, beer and wine, and sweets for your sweet. Arrive on time things are precise in Mission Control!

    This month features, Miraglia Catering. Miraglia has been in business since 1948 and focuses on merging traditional recipes with new culinary trends. They are a Certified Green Business and are proud to use organic, sustainable ingredients.

  • Thursday, September 25 (6:15pm - 10pm)
    Fly Your Own Planetarium Show! featuring cuisine by Royal Raspberry Catering
    Menu » (pdf)
    Members: $55 / Guests: $65
    Become master of the universe! You and your date will fly a planetarium show into the vast and wondrous cosmos. Working with a Chabot planetarium technician, you'll get an exclusive chance to be in the booth and control our planetarium computer flying through space. What better way to put the moon and stars in your sweetheart’s hands?

    This month features Royal Raspberry Catering, which offers creative and delicious dishes prepared with fresh, local, sustainable foods. Royal Raspberry Catering has been serving the Bay Area since 1992.

  • Saturday, October 18 (Dinner & Experiments: 8:30pm | LaserMania: 10:15pm)
    Sinister Science featuring cuisine by Straw Catering
    Menu » (pdf)
    Members: $55 / Guests: $65
    Release your inner mad scientist and enter our lab of sinister science and kooky chemistry. Sip on a sinister cocktail while our experts lead you through experiments that will change your perception of common household materials. For dinner, savor a catered dinner or try your hand at culinary science by making your own dessert. And cuddle up to your date to watch a special spooky presentation of Fright Light LaserMania!

    This month features Straw Catering. Straw is a carnival themed restaurant, catering and concession company based out of San Francisco. From delivered office lunches to catered corporate events and weddings, Straw brings a slice of the carnival to each event.