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Math and Science Camps for 1st - 8th Graders

At QC summer camp you’ll cultivate a love of learning in our science and math programs. The one to two week long camps for 1st – 8th graders explore math and science through hands-on, experiment-based activities guiding students to make their own discoveries in each subject.

Camp topics include chemical reactions, zoology, quantum physics, number systems, statistics, and pi. Throughout the day students hypothesize, discuss, experiment, make mistakes, experiment again, debate, reflect, share and ultimately try to make sense of their work. The excitement of digging deeper, making new discoveries leaves them wanting more.

QC camp encourages students to make their own discoveries, helping to bring out the natural curiosity and a love of learning all humans have. Students are excited about math and science when they leave QuantumCamp. They will be refreshed for going back to school in the fall and families tell us that their students become more active in their regular school classes after coming to QC. 

QC summer camp is much more than just a classroom experience; it's a chance for each camper to have an exciting shared experience with other curious learners. With outdoor activities included, our camp gives students plenty of time to have fun exercising their sense of play, as well as their academic brains!

The QC Team

Our permanent staff consists of four full-time members who work both on curriculum development and student instruction, as well as a part-time curriculum developer. Two of our teachers hold Ph.D.’s and two teachers hold Master’s degrees. During the summer, we bring aboard a dedicated team of teachers, graduate students, and counselors.

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For questions, please contact Ruth Woodruff at (510) 336-7376