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Monthly Enrichment Speakers

At our monthly Enrichment Evenings join your fellow volunteers to deepen your knowledge! Subjects cover a broad range of science topics from astronomy and physics to biology and the environment. Talks are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7-9pm. See the weekly volunteer briefings for details.

Summaries of Past Talks -- by Christina Deptula

Cristina Deptula has been involved with Chabot since 2006, and credits the museum with continuing to inspire her interests in astronomy, cosmology and science journalism. She aims to use her writing to spur awareness of and investment in basic research towards innovative methods of solving the challenges that tackle our planet and exploring the universe. 

Magnetism, Space Weather, and Atmospheric Evolution at Mars - Dr Matt Fillingim - October, 2014
Caring For Penguins - Anthony Brown - November, 2014
The History of Light - Steve Mathews - January, 2015
Accepting the Absurd - Leonard Tramiel - February, 2015
Our Tectonic Time Bomb - Dr. Peggy Hellweg - March, 2015
Flight of the Voyager - Dr David Schwaderer - May, 2015
Making Advanced Biofuels - An Alternative Source of Energy - Deepti Janjore and Ning Sun - June, 2015
Galileo Galilei, George Washington, and the Speed of Light - Joel Thomas - July, 2015
The Next Generation Science Standards in Oakland -- Caleb Cheung