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$5 First Fridays

An Exciting and Immersive Experience Every First Friday

Each $5 First Friday at Chabot is an exciting and immersive experience for all ages! Join us each month for hands-on activities and live demonstrations that are fun for the whole family. Each month there will be new things to explore!

Some activities have limited capacity and are first come, first served. Pre-purchase your tickets for $5 First Friday here:

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Also taking place the same evening, April 7th at 6pm is our Future Friday Lecture Series. (This is a separate cost from $5 first Friday). This month’s featured speaker is Dr. David Grinspoon – Earth in Human Hands: A Cosmic View of our Planet’s Past, Present and Future. More info here: chabotspace.org/forms/future-fridays

Schedule for Friday, April 7th, 6pm-10pm
Music MakingExplore music and sound in many forms as our community partners lead hands on and interactive music making activities that the entire family can enjoy!

Music Making Activity Stations in Gruener Astronomy Hall
Community Partner Include:

Activity: Make musical instruments out of found objects!
Location: Gruener Astronomy Hall

Bio: Wonder leads to explorations, and eventual discoveries. Thingamajigs is a community of such explorers who work with found materials and alternate tuning systems to discover new sounds, and to make new music.

Activity: Voicebox by Rich DDT & John Brian Kirby
Location: Gruener Astronomy Hall

Voicebox invites you to explore the creative possibilities of that most familiar of musical instruments: the human voice. Wearing headphones, speak or sing into one of the microphones to hear your voice affected; your partner on the other side of the table will also hear you. Press the illuminated pads and slide your finger over the trackpad to drastically alter the pitch, tone, and character of the sounds coming out of your mouth. The tabletop spectrogram displays a graphical representation of the music you create.
See video here

Bio: Rich DDT is an interactive installation designer, live electronic music producer/performer, and event organizer who is passionately repurposing the latest technology to create an awe-inspiring, open and supportive environment for human connection. He has been designing and installing interactive digital installations since 2008, curating experiences that encourage collaborative group creativity in digitally augmented environments.

Activity: App demo
Location: Rotunda

Bio: Make living music! Seaquence is a music app for iOS that enables you to compose sounds with collections of organic creatures, each with their own synth voice. Only the voices in view can be heard, resulting in organic and dynamic soundscapes as you explore and create your mix. The creatures body and tail are generated from the parameters of its synth and sequencer, which in turn modify its swimming patterns. Creating music with Seaquence is both visually and sonically immersive – it’s an audiovisual experience!

The Seaquence App is created by Okaynokay (Ryan Alexander and Gabriel Dunne), based on their original project seaquence.org which was originally created by Ryan Alexander, Gabriel Dunne and Daniel Massey, with support from Gray Area Foundation for the Arts.

Harp Concert
Musical Solar System Sightseeing by Adele Stinson
Time: 6:45pm
Location: Hauben

Enjoy this ethereal and beautiful performance as harpist Adele Stinson takes you on a musical journey of the solar system

Telescope Makers Workshop
Time: 6-10pm
Location: Chemistry/Physics Lab

Open to all ages, the Telescope Makers’ Workshop is an all-volunteer group committed to helping people build their own telescopes. Drop in to see what they are up to!

Zeiss Astronomy Presentation
Time: 6:15pm & 7pm
Location: Planetarium

Explore the cosmos as a Chabot Astronomer leads you through the galaxy using a Zeiss Universarium Mark VIII Star Projector. This recently restored Zeiss projector uses advances fiber-optics to project stars with astonishing clarity.

Telescope Viewing
Time: 7:30-10:30pm
Location: Observatory Deck
The impressive 20" telescope, named Rachel, is the largest refractor in the western United States regularly open to the public. Its companion, the 8" Alvan Clark refractor, named Leah, is the original 1883 instrument donated by founder Anthony Chabot. Nellie, Chabot‘s youngest and most powerful telescope, is housed in a rolling roof observatory, allowing access to 180 degrees of sky. This modern, research-quality telescope offers breathtaking views of the cosmos.

Planetarium Shows

Waiting Far Away
Time: 7:45pm
Full Dome Short Film. An explorer of the cosmos has traveled too far… And can’t find home. Follow in the footsteps of a cosmic traveler as he shares a wild story. Find out what grand mysteries he has uncovered while journeying deep into intergalactic space

Project Sound
9 & 9:45pm
Featuring: MiM0SA
Location: Planetarium 

Experience the astral ambiance of electronic music paired with lush soundscape visualizations. Showcasing local sound artists, Project Sound is an immersive multi-sensory experience under the dome. 

Bio: Founder of FALSE iDOL MUZiK and the FUTURE TRiLL movement, MiM0SA has made a name for himself as one of the underground pioneers of the west coast EDM sound. Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, MiM0SA has traveled all over the globe selling out shows from US to the UK and OZ. His live performances have caught the attention of blogs such as Spin, who named him as one of the "Top 10 Acts at Bonnaroo" of 2012. As a result, he chalked up early triumphs at other festivals such as Coachella, EDC, Made in America, Ultra, Beale Street, Noisy Neighbors (UK), Sunshine Festival (OZ), Camp Bisco and Red Rocks.

Today's Future Sound
Interactive Beatmaking Workshop
Time: 8:30pm
Location: Megadome 

Join Today's Future Sound for a live interactive beatmaking workshop in the Megadome. This experience will exhibit the music and skills they teach students and community members across the San Francisco Bay Area and around the world. DJ's and beatmakers will pull kids from the audience to program drums and play percussion instruments, with an instruction on sampling and remixing classic tracks. 

Bio: Today's Future Sound (TFS) uses the power of Hip Hop music & beatmaking as an educational and therapeutic intervention in schools, community centers, and juvenile justice settings. Our team of instructors cover progressive techniques employed in Hip Hop and Electronic music production and DJ'ing.

DJ Dance Party
Time: 6pm-10pm
Location: Mezzanine 
Join the DJ’s for one giant dance party for mankind!

Bio:Best friends Andrew Warner and Nick Mann comprise JK-47, dedicated to rapturous bass without pomposity. Andrew and Nick met at Reed College in 2006, and they began playing loud music together in 2013. They specialize in private, eclectic gatherings, but have also dropped tunes at larger gatherings like Burning Man, Priceless, and Symbiosis. Nick works at Hack Reactor, a school that teaches people how to code, and Andrew works at the Long Now Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting long-term thinking.

BeanSprouts Café
Time: 6-9pm



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