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Chabot Space & Science Camp is powered by Galileo and held at Chabot Space & Science Center in the Oakland Hills, right off Highway 13 at 10000 Skyline Blvd. in Oakland.

Chabot Space & Science Camp Director, Liz Marsh

Liz is so excited to join the Galileo team as the new Chabot Program Director, and she's already counting down the days until camp! Growing up, Liz loved attending camp, though she did sink a canoe in the creek one summer (oops). From there, she spent several years camp counseling and then went on to become an educator with S.F.'s Age of Sail program where she discovered some new loves: maritime history and pirates. After her season of swashbuckling, Liz became a YMCA Program Director where she ran camps and created a Youth, Teens, and Family department. After YYYYYY-M-C-A-ing, Liz worked as a middle school youth director where she ran a variety of afterschool programs and camps while performing with the Peter Pan Foundation, a philanthropic company that puts on musical productions to raise money for Children's Hospital of Oakland. In her spare time, Liz loves watching YouTube bloggers and trying to convince middle schoolers that a cappella music and musical theater are cool.

About Galileo

Galileo's mission is to create a world of fearless innovators. We think kids who learn to explore and fail without fear - the essence of innovation - are happier, more creative and more confident when faced with life’s challenges. They don’t always get this incredible boost in school, but thousands of them have been getting it at Galileo camps since 2002. Drawing heavily from the innovation process developed by the Stanford Institute of Design, Galileo designs and run a constantly-evolving series of programs for kids from pre-K through 8th grade.

Other Galileo Camps

Camp Galileo (Pre-K - 5th grades): Budding innovators participate in a carefully integrated mix of art, science and outdoor activities, calibrated for their age group and presented via a whimsical weeklong narrative arc.

Galileo Summer Quest (5th - 8th grades): Older innovators choose one of 14 majors, then spend an entire week focused on realizing their own personal vision - whether they’re designing a fashion line or video game, creating their signature recipe or building a high-performance go-kart.

The Tech Summer Camps (4th - 8th grades): Our partnership with the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose produces more than 20 riveting, real-world science and technology classes for aspiring innovators.

For more information, visit www.galileo-camps.com or call 1-800-854-3684.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd give it a 100!"

- Charlie, Chabot Space & Science Camp camper

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