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Mixing and matching our 13 weeklong classes makes for an exciting summer. One of our favorite full-day combinations is pairing an in-museum class with one that takes full advantage of Chabot's redwood forest surroundings.


Art Explorers
Explore the art, design and science behind Chabot's exhibits while learning artistic techniques and skills. Create a collection of artwork inspired by the museum's most intriguing installations and environments to display at your own art exhibition.

Circuits and Electronics (New in 2014)
Get inside gadgets by learning the circuit theory that makes them work. Use snap together circuits, batteries, conductive materials, motors and lights to create circuits you can use at home.

Deep Space: Comets and Meteors* (New in 2014)
Journey out of this world to discover the secrets of comets and meteors. Learn physics, astronomy, and aeronautics as you design a space capsule, participate in gravity and space orbit workshops and experience a real mission in the legendary Challenger Learning Center®.

GPS Treasure Hunt (Revised for 2014)
Embark on a geocache treasure hunt through Roberts Regional Park. Using maps, GPS devices and your powers of deduction, navigate the forest's most mysterious hiding places, seeking out cleverly concealed caches and plenty of adventure.

Lego Robotics*
Use Lego Mindstorm NXT software and Technic building pieces to design your own robot. Program routes and movements and use line and ultra-sound sensors to make your robot react, retrieve and compete with other bots in feats of strength and speed.

Advanced Lego Robotics* (New in 2014)
Take your building and programming skills to the next level in the ultimate Lego Robotics class. Create robots that can navigate a maze of obstacles using just their sensors, and branch out from the default building template to create racing bots.
**Must have completed Lego Robotics.

Mission: Rescue Planet Earth (Formerly "Greengineering")
Learn the secrets of combating climate change in the awesomely interactive Bill Nye's Climate Lab. Harness the power of wind, water and sun to electrify a circuit and design a room run entirely by your own renewable technology.

Music Producers* (Formerly "Music & Technology")
Rock out with digital music that you produce yourself. Learn about sequencing, sampling, song structure and editing as you lay down original tracks using GarageBand, MIDI boards and drum pads.

Advanced Music Producers* (New in 2014)
Expand your musical skills with this advanced class in digital music creation and editing. Experiment with more complex melodies and chord sequences, learn new editing techniques and produce your own original song.
**Must have completed Music and Technology in 2013 or Music Producers in 2014.

Rocket Lab*
Prepare for liftoff as you explore the acceleration, propulsion, altitude and velocity of a successful rocket launch. Build and blast off rocket cars, pop rockets and water rockets, then fly your own hands-on mission into space aboard Chabot's legendary Challenger Learning Center®.

Survivor: Chabot
It's camper vs. nature as you learn wilderness safety and survival skills in the wilds of the redwood forest. Tackle team-building challenges, enjoy short hikes, learn camping safety and discover how to seek shelter in extreme conditions.

Video Game Design*
Learn the basics of gameplay, character development, backdrops and scoring, then work with your fellow designers and Multimedia Fusion 2 to plan, program and play your original video games.

Advanced Video Game Design* (New in 2014)
Level up in a class for advanced game designers full of fun new challenges, advanced programming and special effects. Learn about non-linear gameplay and experience how real designers collaborate.
**Must have completed Video Game Design.

* These classes require an additional $50 lab fee

"The Chabot Space & Science Camp was the perfect experience for fostering my daughter's love of astronomy and for encouraging her to pursue her dream of becoming a scientist."

- Annette, Chabot Space & Science Camp parent

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