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Chabot Classes - Online Catalog

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Class Offered Subject* Recommended Grade Level
All Charged Up All Year PSPK123456789101112
All Systems Go All Year ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Anatomy of a Lifeform All Year LSPK123456789101112
Atmosphere in Balance All Year ES,LS,PS, CSPK123456789101112
Bee Blast All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Dance of the Planets Seasonal AS,PSPK123456789101112
Fossil Hunt All Year ES,LSPK123456789101112
Garden Plan-it Seasonal ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
It's Elemental All Year PSPK123456789101112
Mars Exploration Seasonal ES,LSPK123456789101112
Micronauts All Year ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Moon Mania All Year PK123456789101112
Moonstruck All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Planet Trek All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Redwood Ecosystem Hike All Year ES,LSPK123456789101112
Renewable Energy All Year PS, CSPK123456789101112
Rock-N-Erode All Year ES,PSPK123456789101112
Shooting Stars and Space Rocks All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Space Station One All Year LS,PSPK123456789101112
Sun and Stars All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Surviving in Space All Year LSPK123456789101112
Tapping The Wind All Year ES,PSPK123456789101112
Tectonics and You All Year ESPK123456789101112
Voyage to Mars (CLC) All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
Wacky Weather All Year AS,ES,LS,PSPK123456789101112
*Subjects: AS = Astronomy, CLC = Challenger Learning Center, simulated space mission, CS = Climate Sciences,
ES = Earth Sciences, LS = Life Sciences, PS = Physical Sciences