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Exhibit Services

The following exhibits are available from Chabot Space & Science Center:

Mars IQ Quiz

What are the names of moons of Mars? How high is the Olympus Mons volcano? How cold is it on Mars? Answers to these questions and more are explored in the Mars IQ Quiz, which contains three sets of ten multiple-choice questions that cover a range of factual information. After answering 10 questions, the user sees his/her score and corresponding classification as an Earthling, Mars Cadet, or Martian; the second and third set can only be accessed after completing the first set.

"Would you go to Mars?” Polling Station

Would you go to Mars? What would you take with you? And what do you think you'd find when you arrive? Visitors answer 10 multiple-choice questions and see how their responses compare to a running tally of previous visitors. An administrative screen allows staff to access that running tally of how many visitors have answered each question & how they answered.

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Susan Terrill, Director of Education & Visitor Experience
(510) 336-7385