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Fun Exchanges & Activities for Science Teachers (FEAST)

Have you been looking for new, exciting, teacher-tested ideas for your science classroom? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to have a discussion about science resources, safety in the lab, or how other teachers manage a certain science demonstration or other activity? Or maybe you simply want to network with other science teachers and build a lasting friendship with other science educators. If this is what you’re looking for, we welcome you to FEAST. FEAST is truly a grass roots effort that began with a small group of about eight secondary science teachers in the fall of 2005.

Today our FEAST list has grown in size to over 200, kindergarten through 12th grade, educators. We meet six times during the school year covering topics of interest to the group. Teachers are highly encouraged to bring a five to ten minute activity to share related to the session’s topic or another aspect of science. By sharing one of your favorites, other educators will gain access to yet another engaging activity!

Sessions take place Saturday mornings from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. You’ll find our sessions to be very casual yet welcoming to all who wish to share. We hope you will join us at one of our future sessions.

FEAST Sessions for 2015-16

    • October 17th
    • November 14th
    • December 5th
    • January 23rd
    • February 27th - Mars - Recent Discoveries
    • April 30th - Life Science

Cost: FREE to Educators
FEAST would like to welcome all teachers to attend our next session: Saturday, April 30th.

Sharpen your knowledge and learn ways to engage students to better understand life science in their environment.

  • How do living organisms pass traits from one generation to the next?
  • What do plants need to grow?  
  • What happens to organisms when their environment change?
  • How does matter cycle through ecosystems?
  • How does a system of living and non-living things operate to meet the needs of the organisms in an ecosystem?

We highly encourage you to bring a five to ten minute activity to share. Choose a mini lesson that addresses one or more of the above questions and which your students have found engaging. If you don’t yet have something for the above topics, feel free to bring a mini lesson that covers another aspect of science.  If you have a write up of your lesson, please bring it on a flash drive or hardcopies to share. 


Please RSVP by April 25th using the form below, so we can get an idea how many of you will be attending. If you have any questions, contact us at: Feast@ChabotSpace.org

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