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Tyke Explorers Workshop


For Ages 3 - 5 years

Expand your preschooler's universe by enrolling in our Tyke Explorers Program. Kids get to bring a special grown-up to share in the excitement of science and space. Classes are a combination of instructor-led lessons and self-guided, hands-on experimentation and exploration.

With Chabot's park-like setting, hands-on exhibits, laboratories and experienced educators, we guarantee a memorable adventure for you and your child.


Upcoming Workshops

Guests: $15 for first child / $13 for each additional sibling
Members: $12 for first child / $10 for each additional sibling

Advanced registration is required.
Call Ashley Prososki at (510) 336-7381 to register.

MAY: Green Thumbs

It's that time of year again... time to get outside and get our hands dirty! We'll be planting (and eating from!) the Chabot garden, learning all about the parts of plants, including which parts are the tastiest, and experimenting to discover what our plants need in order to grow.

  • Day 1 - May 6: From Seeds to Sprouts
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    To kick off our Green Thumbs unit, let's start at the beginning... with seeds! We'll dissect seeds to find out what's inside, set up an experiment to test what our seeds need in order to sprout, and plant seeds to take home.
  • Day 2 - May 13: Soil and Worms and Compost, Oh My!
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    Join us this week as we take a closer look at the different types of soils that our plants need to grow. Then investigate a special type of compost made by our very own Chabot worms! Help us feed our worms, and make nutritious worm tea to fertilize our plants.
  • Day 3 - May 20: Planting in the Garden
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    Practice planting seeds in egg cartons to take home, and then put your new skills to work in our Chabot garden! Help our garden grow by planting seeds and starter plants and making sure our plants will get enough sun, water, and nutrients.
  • Day 4 - May 27: Edible Garden
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    It's time to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of our labor! This week, we'll harvest edible plants in the Chabot garden and sample roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, and seeds from other plants. Which plant parts do you like the best?

JUNE: Engineering and Design, Round 2

This month is all about you... and your engineering skills! Exercise your brain through a series of design challenges that put your creativity to the test! Can you construct a miniature playground with play equipment that actually works? What about a bridge or building that won’t fall over... even if you shake it? Can you design a mini bedroom complete with working lights and switches?

  • Day 1 - June 10: Playground Design Challenge
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    Help! There is a miniature city at Chabot Space & Science Center with children who need your creativity and ingenuity! They have found a park but it's missing all the swings, slides, and toys. Can you design and build a new mini playground full of working play equipment for the children?
  • Day 2 - June 17: Shake, Rattle, and Roll!
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    Put your civil engineering skills to the test this week as you design your own houses, bridges, and buildings, and then shake, rattle, and roll them on our shake tables! Can you build a structure that won't topple over? What features make your building or bridge both strong and flexible at the same time?
  • Day 3 - June 24: Electricity Design Challenge
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    After an introduction to electricity and circuits, see if you can make a light bulb turn on using just a battery and tin foil! Then take your engineering a step farther by designing and building a mini bedroom with working lights!

JULY: Solids, Liquids, and Gases, Oh My!

Explore the differences between solids, liquids, and gases this month as you pour, mix, smash and blow.

  • Day 1 - July 8: Solid Like a Rock
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    Join us this week as we hunt for solid objects! What kinds of things are solid? How do you know? Can they be mixed?  Can you pour them? Can they be smashed? Can you turn something solid into a liquid or turn a liquid into a solid?
  • Day 2 - July 15: Go With the Flow
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    This week we’ll investigate liquids of all kinds! Do they all pour the same way? Can you smash a liquid? Do they all mix? What will happen if you mix a solid and a liquid together?
  • Day 3 - July 22: BubbleFest!
    (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    What better way to explore gases than by playing with bubbles? Not only will we experiment with traditional bubbles and bubble makers using gas from our own lungs, but we'll also make gas and bubbles by mixing chemicals and even use bubbles to make art!

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