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Birthday Party FAQs

Q: Who is counted in the 20 people covered by the birthday package?

A. All children 3 and up and all adults are counted toward the 20, including the birthday child and his or her family. If the birthday family has a membership, the people covered by the membership are not counted toward the 20. Guests who are members are still counted toward the 20.

Q: What is the cost of extra guests?
A: If the guest count is over 20 people we charge a per person fee based on the age of the guest and type of birthday activity. The cost for extra adults is $10 regardless of the birthday activity. Below is a list of fees based on each extra child and the birthday activity:

  • Cosmic Package = $10.00 per child
  • Cosmic Deluxe Package = $12.00 per child
  • Slimy Science = $16.00 per child
  • Pop Rockets = $16.00 per child
  • Polar Ice Cream = $18.00 per child
  • Solar Car Challenge = $18.00 per child

Q: What if I have last-minute guests that RSVP, can I pay for them at the door?
A. Yes, you can pay for them the day of the party. We ask that you pay for all extra guests in one payment.

Q. Is there a host in the room?
A. There will be a Chabot staff member assigned to assist you throughout your time at the Center. If you purchase a birthday package with an activity, a Birthday Guide will organize and manage the entire activity.* The staff members will help you find your assigned area for Table Time, but will not be present in the room during the entire period.

Q. What is Table Time?
A. Table Time is a separate time for you and your guests to enjoy lunch & cake, open gifts, etc. It is held in a private space that you may decorate (either a classroom or café tent depending on availability). You have the option of a 60-minute or 90-minute Table Time.

Q. Do all activities and shows need to be done within the assigned Table Time period?
A. No, the time required to perform the birthday activity, see planetarium shows and enjoy our Center is separate from Table Time. Your guests can enjoy the center for the entire day if they like.

Q. Do you have a refrigerator to store a cake?
A. We do not have a refrigerator for your food but can supply a storage area and cart to store your items until needed. You may bring in a cooler or ice chest to keep food or drinks cold.

Q. Does Chabot supply gift bags?
A. Gift Bag options are available at the Starry Nights Gift Shop. You can purchase $4 bags or $7 bags (both priced at 30% off from retail) or come in and create your own!
Call or email the store for details: (510) 336-7302 or StarryNights@ChabotSpace.org

Q. What supplies do I need to bring?
A. You will need to bring the following items: paper plates, cups, napkins, silverware, decorations (no confetti or balloons), birthday cake, candles, and matches or a lighter. The Table Time locations are equipped with tables and chairs.

Q. Does the visit include a docent tour?
A. No, the exhibits are self-guided. A 1-hour docent tour can be added to your party for $50.

*With the exception of our Cosmic Deluxe packages which are intended to be self-directed activities.