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Balloon Drop Celebration
  • Science Revealed: ExploSCIve!

    Science Revealed: ExploSCIve!

    Saturday Nov 29 1:30pm
    Saturday Dec 13 1:30pm
    Saturday Dec 20 1:30pm
    Saturday Jan 10 1:30pm
    Saturday Jan 17 1:30pm
    Saturday Jan 31 1:30pm

    Workshop: $5 Adult | $3 Child | Children 2 & Under Free
    (Recommended for audiences 8+, though all are welcome!)
    Do you like watching things go "BOOM"? Have you been mesmerized by the dancing flame of a campfire or fireplace? What is Fire? Why do things explode? Find out as we demonstrate the reactions which cause flame to burn and create explosions. This show is perfectly safe, but some small children may be frightened by the sudden booms or bright flames.

  • LEGO Laboratory

    LEGO Laboratory

    Sunday Nov 30 12:00pm
    Sunday Dec 07 12:00pm
    Sunday Dec 14 12:00pm
    Sunday Dec 21 12:00pm
    Sunday Dec 28 12:00pm
    Sunday Jan 04 12:00pm
    Sunday Jan 11 12:00pm
    Sunday Jan 18 12:00pm

    Members: $5
    Guests: $7 (does not include general admission)
    Think, build, test, destroy... do it all over again and again! We're hosting open LEGO Laboratories every Sunday with an engineering challenge focus. Challenges vary each week and include solar car building and racing, creating green machines that impact our environment, robots that perform based on your programming, and bridge building with seismic testing. Builders of all ages and skills are welcome. Active parent participation is required for youth under 10 years.

  • Tyke Explorers

    Tyke Explorers

    Tuesday Dec 02 10:00am, 1:00pm
    Wednesday Dec 03 11:00am, 2:00pm
    Tuesday Dec 09 10:00am, 1:00pm
    Wednesday Dec 10 11:00am, 2:00pm
    Tuesday Dec 16 10:00am, 1:00pm
    Wednesday Dec 17 11:00am, 2:00pm
    Saturday Dec 20 2:00pm
    Tuesday Jan 13 10:00am, 1:00pm

    For Ages 3 - 5 years
    November: Amazing Animal Adaptations
    Why do lizards have scales? Why don't dogs have wings? Are all bird beaks the same? This month get to know our furry, feathery and scaly friends! Explore all kinds of fascinating animal adaptations including beaks and teeth, claws and paws, and fur and feathers.

  • Black (W)hole Friday

    Black (W)hole Friday

    Friday Nov 28 11:00am

    Included with General Admission
    Join us on opening day! Enjoy myriad activities relating to black holes including magnetism, gravity, and invisibility exploration. TED talks on black holes loop throughout the day in our theatre. And at 1pm hear Eliot Quataert present on black hole research.

    Arguably the most mind-bending phenomenon in the Universe, our latest visitor experience explores black holes. Immersed in a field of stars accompanied by the visual and auditory re-creation of a black hole and the abstract equations that describe it, this is a sensory-rich experience. Engage black holes in a way that goes beyond visual simulations or descriptive words, through somatic engagement that involves the "whole person," this installation engages mind and body, expanding the viewer's capacity to imagine and wonder.

  • Night Hikes

    Night Hikes

    Friday Dec 05 4:45pm
    Friday Dec 26 4:00pm
    Friday Jan 02 5:00pm
    Friday Jan 23 5:00pm
    Friday Jan 30 5:00pm

    Tickets: $12 (does not include admission into the Center)
    RSVP Recommended, space is limited!
    Register online or call (510) 336-7373

    Enjoy a hike through the beautiful redwoods! After the hike, stay and explore other amazing objects in the night sky through our telescopes (weather permitting) or tour the Telescope Makers Workshop. Hike will take place rain or shine.

  • Special Closure

    Special Closure

    Friday Dec 05 1:00pm
    Saturday Dec 06 4:00pm
    Saturday Dec 13 5:00pm
    Saturday Jan 10 4:00pm

    All or portions of our Center are closed for a private event. Please check the link for specific information on closures. We apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Mars Mini Missions

    Mars Mini Missions

    Saturday Dec 06 1:30pm, 3:00pm
    Saturday Jan 03 1:30pm, 3:00pm

    Public Missions in the Challenger Learning Center®
    Tickets: $10 (does not include general admission)
    Ever wonder what it's like to be an astronaut on a space mission? How does it feel to be a Mission Specialist guiding flights around the Solar System? Find out in our Challenger Learning Center® as you experience the thrill and excitement of a NASA simulated space mission! Become an important member on a dynamic team accomplishing the goals of your mission. You are a vital member of the crew! This adventure is recommended for space travelers ages 10 years to adult (younger children may participate when teamed with an adult)

  • Supper Club

    Supper Club

    Saturday Dec 06 6:00pm

    Love & the Zodiac:
    A Special Star Stories Presentation

    Members: $55 Guests: $65
    Adults 21 & Over
    Enjoy a candlelit dinner, then snuggle up with your sweetie under the stars as our popular Star Stories meets Supper Club. Lay on our lawn and listen to an expert stargazer explain the mythology behind the constellations, stories of love from the night sky as seen throughout history, and navigate the galaxy looking for planets and other celestial bodies. This month features Miraglia Catering.

  • Lost in Space

    Lost in Space

    Saturday Dec 06 8:00pm
    Saturday Jan 03 8:00pm

    Adult Missions in the Challenger Learning Center®
    Flyers must be 21+

    Tickets: $30 (does not include general admission)
    Just like our public missions for families, but this one is strictly for adult flyers. Bring your friends and join an intrepid team to land on the red planet, construct a probe to send to one of the moons of Mars and save your crew from calamity. Grab your flight suit, strap on a helmet and experience the thrill and excitement of a NASA simulated space mission to Mars! Wine, beer and light snacks will be provided.

  • $5 Fridays

    $5 Fridays

    Friday Dec 12 10:00am
    Friday Jan 30 10:00am

    Look out for our discounted days! $5 Fridays are back this fall! On select days, enjoy the entire Center, including planetarium shows, for the price of a lunch value meal.

  • Chabot Hosts:

    Chabot Hosts:

    Friday Dec 12 7:00pm

    Wonderfest & Ask a Scientist
    $15 / $25 including General Admission
    We all know that sleep is essential, but after years of scientific research, we still don't know exactly why. Wonderfest and Ask a Scientist join us for an eye-opening discussion on sleep. Dr. Matthew Walker, associate professor of psychology at UC Berkeley's Sleep and Neuroimaging Laboratory, presents cutting-edge discoveries of how sleep is a highly active process that effects on cognitive ability, overall health, and why so many of us don't get enough. Wine will be available for purchase.

  • Kitchen Chemistry

    Kitchen Chemistry

    Saturday Dec 13 3:00pm
    Saturday Dec 20 3:00pm
    Monday Dec 22 3:00pm
    Tuesday Dec 23 3:00pm
    Saturday Dec 27 3:00pm
    Monday Dec 29 3:00pm
    Tuesday Dec 30 3:00pm

    $5 (does not include general admission)
    Everyone's a chemist in the kitchen! It's time to play with your food and explore the microbiology, nanoscience, physics and chemistry of the edibles we love. Enjoy demonstrations and hands-on experiments on everyday treats and ingredients - from yogurt to yeast, oobleck to ice cream!

  • Member Movie Night

    Member Movie Night

    Sunday Dec 14 5:00pm

    FREE Member Admission, RSVP Required!

    This event has SOLD OUT!
    Join us for the fun animated feature, Frozen, followed by a special private telescope viewing. RSVP is required for this free member event. No outside food or drinks will be permitted in the theater.

  • Winter Solstice

    Winter Solstice

    Featuring: Fronds and Sylvie Simmons
    $12 / $22 including General Admission

    Revel in the magic of the season with Chabot and the Octopus Literary Salon! With the Sun going down early, Chabot is the best place to experience the Winter Solstice sky. Enjoy live music, donuts from Donut Dolly, and sip on cider and mulled wine. Experiment with candy canes and other holiday treats. Stick around after the festivities to observe the cosmos through one of our historic telescopes. Wine, beer and food will be available for purchase.

  • Meteor Showers

    Meteor Showers

    Sunday Jan 04 12:00am

    $5 (Center will be closed during this event)
    Hang out on the hill and watch as spectacular meteor showers make their annual trip through our atmosphere and light up the night sky. Our experts will be on hand to help you search for the brightest streaks and answer your questions.

  • Bay Area International Children's Film Festival

    Bay Area International Children's Film Festival

    Saturday Jan 24 10:00am
    Sunday Jan 25 10:00am

    A Playdate for the Imagination
    Chabot and the Bay Area International Children's Film Festival have joined forces to present the 6th annual Playdate for the Imagination where education and imagination collide. The festival offers families a cinematic view of the world's varied cultures and traditions. The films inspire curiosity and conversation and allow children to experience a wide range of cultural perspectives. Come explore the festival which will showcase international short films, feature films and the "best of the fest" playing throughout the day. Listen to music, participate in an animation workshop, build zoetropes from recycled materials, and have a fun family day at Chabot! Reserve tickets now for this widely popular festival!

  • Cosmic Concerts

    Cosmic Concerts

    Saturday Jan 31 7:30pm

    Music in the Megadome
    $15 / $22 including General Admission

    You don't have to leave our galaxy to see some far-out talent. Chabot's Cosmic Concert series, in partnership with The Octopus Literary Salon, showcases local musicians playing live to the backdrop of the Universe. Fun activities, food and drinks will round out the evening. Come and make a night of it!

    Nov 15: Crosby Morgan and The New Tenants
    Jan 31: Delmarva and Slouching Stars

  • Supper Club

    Supper Club

    Saturday Jan 31 6:00pm

    Sparks Will Fly: Explosive Experiments
    Members: $55 Guests: $65
    Adults 21 & Over
    Test your love chemistry at this explosive Supper Club! Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner in our in science laboratory, then become a part of fun! Sparks fly as you participate in exploding experiments led by our resident scientist. This month features Grace Street Catering.

  • First Glance

    First Glance

    Sunday Jan 25 7:00pm
    Sunday Feb 22 7:00pm

    FREE Member Admission, RSVP Required!
    Space is limited and by reservation only,
    so call (510) 336-7392 for tickets today.

    Each Sunday preceding the 1st quarter moon, the Eastbay Astronomical Society invites you to a special private telescope viewing. Unlike our regular viewing on Friday and Saturday evenings, EAS personalizes the experience by taking viewing requests, live interaction, and hosting tours and it's exclusively for our members!

  • Member Movie Night

    Member Movie Night

    Sunday Feb 22 5:30pm

    FREE Member Admission, RSVP Required!
    Space is limited and by reservation only,
    so call (510) 336-7392 for tickets today.