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Spring Break 2014

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Spring Break 2014
  • Tyke Explorers

    Tyke Explorers

    Tuesday, April 15 (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    For Ages 3 - 5 years

    Solar System Science
    Let's blast in to space this month to take a closer look at the sun and its effect on us, travel to the moon and see how craters are made, and search our solar system for the biggest, smallest, fastest, and most colorful planets.

  • Wind Turbine Lab

    Wind Turbine Lab

    Tuesday, April 15 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Engineer and test wind turbines for maximum electrical output!

  • Electricity & Circuit Building Lab

    Electricity & Circuit Building Lab

    Wednesday, April 16 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Get all charged up for hair-raising experiments with a VanderGraph Generator. Create parallel and series circuits. Design an original circuit to power one or more modules of the International Space Station.

  • LEGO Solar Car Lab

    LEGO Solar Car Lab

    Thursday, April 17 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Design and build a solar car model to meet various challenges including speed, weight, original innovation and more.

  • Mission to Mars

    Mission to Mars

    Challenger Learning Center®
    Friday, April 18 (1pm & 3pm)
    Missions: $8

    Put your skills to the test by joining a crew on a simulated Mission to Mars in the Challenger Learning Center®. Build a probe and launch it to one of the moons of Mars, Deimos or Phobos. Design a life support system that can sustain your crew. Operate robotic arms to analyze hazardous chemicals, damaged meteoroid shields and more!

  • Future Fridays

    Future Fridays

    Friday, April 18 (6pm - 7:30pm)
    Edward Moses
    Members: $23 / Guests: $26
    $32 at the Door: Discounts do not apply, subject to availability

    Building a Mini Sun to Save the Earth

    Scientists are continuously discovering new ways to harness the energy of the Sun and stars to meet Earth's energy needs. Dr. Edward Moses is leading efforts to explore ways to commercialize the power of lasers to provide environmentally friendly energy for our future. Using Laser Ignition Fusion Energy, LIFE, Moses is exploring this new type of laser fusion power plant that would produce no greenhouse gas emissions, operate continuously to meet demand, and produce shorter-lived and less hazardous radioactive byproducts than current power plants.

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    Saturday, April 19 (11am - 4pm)
    Included with General Admission

    This Earth Day, we're talking trash! Sort, compost, reuse. Meet teens who are working on an interactive trash sorting exhibit here at the museum and learn how you can contribute to the dirty fun.

  • Earthquake Shake Lab

    Earthquake Shake Lab

    Saturday, April 19 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Design and construct a building that can survive a simulated earthquake! Create your own original structure and put it to the test on a shake table.

  • The Supper Club

    The Supper Club

    Learn to Fly a Planetarium Show!
    featuring cuisine by Culinary Excellence
    Thursday, April 24
    Adults 21 & Over
    $65 Guests: $68

    Become master of the universe as you and your date learn to fly a planetarium show into the wondrous cosmos. Working with a Chabot planetarium technician, you'll get an exclusive chance to get behind the booth and fly through space as you control our planetarium computer that will take you and your date on an adventure of a lifetime! Now you get a real chance to experience giving your sweetheart the moon and the stars!

  • A Visit to Johnson Space Center

    A Visit to Johnson Space Center

    Saturday Night Space Talks
    Saturday, April 26
    (7:30pm - 8:15pm)
    Included with General Admission

    Thinking of visiting the Space Center on your next trip to Houston? Faride shares his latest adventure touring the Center. Join him to view photos and highlights of visited spaces including the Neutral Buoyancy Lab and Mission Control Centers for the Apollo program and the ISS. Hear tips what to expect and on how to get the most out of your visit. Not sure you'll be visiting, then live vicariously through Faride as you join his journey.

  • Future Fridays

    Future Fridays

    Friday, May 9 (6pm - 7:30pm)
    Carl Haber: Experimental Physicist
    Members: $23 / Guests: $26
    $32 at the Door: Discounts do not apply, subject to availability

    The Future of Saving Sound
    Dr. Carl Haber takes us on a journey of sound. Listen to the earliest known sound recordings, learn how the process has changed throughout history, and what scientists are doing to restore our oldest relics. From the first sounds recorded by Thomas Edison in 1877 to the 1950's, when most recordings were made on wax, foil, shellac, lacquer and plastic, Haber discusses the importance of preserving these treasures. Enjoy listening to samples of some of these rare archived works.