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Museum Explainer

Current Demos

Demos are being rotated on a regular basis! Please see the chart below for upcoming demos, and attend a monthly demo review on 3rd and 4th Saturdays. 


Boo Bubbles

Boo Bubbles are what you get when you fill a bubble with a carbon dioxide cloud using dry ice!

Dry Ice Comets

Visitors will learn about comets, where they come from and what they're made o by watching the creation of a simulated comet.

pH of Dry Ice

Visitors will get to observe liquids changing color through the addition of acids, bases, and dry ice.

Light Bulb Efficiency

Visitors will explore the difference between different types of light bulb and understand the impact of their choices at home. 


Visitors will create a homemade spectroscope, an analog of the tools that astronomers use to inspect the stars!

Vacuum Chamber

What's it like to survive in space? Visitors will explore the impact of an airless environment on everyday materials, and imagine what might happen to humans in the vacuum of space! 

Need to refresh yourself on a particular demo? Check out the resources page for guides and more.

Elite Opportunities

For volunteers who have served for at least 50 hours and have demonstrated themselves positive, reliable members of our team in accordance with our expectations, elite training and demonstrations opportunities are available. Elite trainings are invite only and require an RSVP; some volunteer shifts do not require training.

Demo Description

Solar Telescopes

Interested in daytime astronomy? Work with adult volunteers to give telescope tours, view daytime objects, and use the sunspotter and solar filters. Requires a one-time training.

Birthday Parties

Assist with our birthday parties - making ice cream, pop rockets, and slime! Requires a one-time training.

Summer Science

Hands-on engineering workships and live science shows! Does not require training.