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WED & THU : 10am - 5pm

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Live Shows

Cosmos 360, Chabot's live planetarium show series: Your ticket to the Universe in all directions! An expert guides and entertains you with an engaging tour through the stars, planets, and galaxies of outer space. Blasting off twice a night on Friday and Saturday evenings, these live shows reveal the workings of the Universe from new perspectives. A new show launches every three months, so see the new one before it departs at warp speed.

  • Friday & Saturday Evenings (6:45pm)
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Spring Skies Alive!
March 21 - June 20

On Earth, springtime is a time for rebirth. Lift off on a cosmic adventure exploring the planets and stars specific to spring! We'll marvel at the season's jewels of the night, and visit celestial spots where scientists think extraterrestrial life could exist. We'll even go beyond our solar system and explore the possibilities of life in the Milky Way galaxy. Come along with us and join the adventure!


  • Summer 2014: The Home Galaxy
    Debuts June 27

    It’s been called a river in the sky, a Tree of Life, a celestial spine, and even a spray of mother's milk. Since Galileo made the telescopic discovery of countless hosts of stars and mysterious, dark, brooding clouds, we have come to know the Milky Way as our galactic home among the cosmos. Come and explore Via Lactea, from its sprawling spiral arms to the ultimate heart of darkness, the supermassive black hole that resides at its center. 
  • Fall 2014: When Things Collide
    Debuts September 26, 2014

    Movies, mythology, and popular culture paint many pictures of the ways that our world might end. How does science shed light on world-ending planetary disruptions past and future? We'll fly to celestial sites of devastation and disaster, exploring how these events shape our Universe, and could even threaten life on Earth.