Hours & Directions

MON, TUE: Closed

WED & THU : 10am - 5pm

FRI & SAT : 10am - 10pm

SUN : 10am - 5pm

Ways to Participate

There are so many ways that volunteers contribute to Chabot!

Core Areas | Enrichment Speakers | Working Groups | Trainings | Special Interest Teams

Core Areas

We have regular shifts available in the areas below. Click on an area to view the job description. Specific training required for each area, contact the volunteer management team for more info.

Enrichment Speakers

Join your fellow volunteers to deepen your knowledge. Subjects cover a broad range of science topics from astronomy and physics to biology and the environment. Talks are usually held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month from 7pm - 9pm. See the weekly volunteer briefings for details.

Working Groups

These meetings are your chance to interface with the staff and fellow volunteers that make Chabot run. Come share your ideas, learn what's coming next, and gain the skills needed to bring our visitors the best experience possible. All volunteers are welcome, watch the weekly briefing for upcoming dates.

  • Education Bling Squad: This group focuses on how we can we can best deliver educational content to our visitors. Staff participants include folks from our education department, exhibits team, and facilities team.
  • Observatory Deck Working Group: This group has a strong astronomy focus and discusses everything related to our telescopes and deck. From programs to maintenance this is the place to have your questions answered. Staff participants include our staff astronomer and members of the exhibits and facilities teams.


The trainings below are mandatory for all volunteers to take at least once. They are offered periodically throughout the year, accommodating varying schedules. We also offer an array of optional trainings that will help you gain new skills. See the weekly briefing for upcoming dates.

  • Safety Training -- What should you do in the event of an earthquake, if you encounter a lost child, or are faced with a medical emergency? Learn how to keep our visitors and yourself safe while at the center.
  • Customer Service Training -- Learn how best to handle difficult situations in order to provide our visitors with the best experience possible.

Galaxy Explorer Special Interest Teams

Ever wonder what Chabot’s Galaxy Explorer teen volunteers are up to? Among other things they participate in special interest teams, and now you can too! Come to a GE meeting with the teens, or join as an expert guest speaker/mentor and teach them what you know. With the exception of Astronomy Team, most teams only meet during the school year. To join (or for more info) contact Lisa Hoover at lhoover@chabotspace.org.

  • Astronomy Team (Every Fri, 6pm): This team explores the wonders of the universe for advanced astronomy students. Participants engage in observations through the team's personal telescope on Friday evenings.
  • Robotics Team(2nd Sun, am or pm): The robotics team focus on complex programming and robot designs, like robots that can walk on their own and use light, touch, and ultrasonic sensors to detect their surroundings and avoid obstacles. The team also enter local, regional and national completions. Currently the team is running the new Moonbots demonstration in preparation of entering the high school Moonbots competition.
  • Maker/Activity Development Team(2nd Sat, am): Team members work in computer design areas such as digital photography, graphic design, social media, 3-D printing/models and animation.
  • Enviro Team(4th sat, am or sun, pm): Inspire minds of all ages care about planet earth. Participate in environmental activism workshops, community events and Kids Go Green public awareness days. This year with the support of a grant from Altamont, Galaxy Explorers will focus on developing an interactive kiosk to accompany the stop waste trash sorting stations.
  • Science Theater(3rd sat, pm): Galaxy Explorers perform and sometimes write their own theatrical productions for the visiting public. New to the program is STEPS (Science Theater Education Programming System), a high-resolution interactive theater system. Students are gearing up for their next production of "Attack of the Nano Scientist" to launch in March.
  • Planetarium Team(Every Other Fri, 4-6pm): Develops and delivers live and pre-recorded portable digital planetarium shows. They train to use the Cosmic Ray Planetary Theater and develop and practice planetarium shows. Students are currently developing planetarium shows to present at the museum for the public as well as to Scout programs, transferring their programs for the portable format to the full 241 seat Ask Jeeves Planetarium.