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Nerd Nite

Calling all nerds!

This month, we're hosting the nerds and exploring exoplanets and asteroids. Renowned UC Berkeley Astronomy Professor Geoff Marcy shares the latest research on exoplanets and staff astronomer, Ben Burress, explores the odds of asteroids colliding with Earth and the potential impact. Have fun competing against your fellow nerds in our Super Nerdy Scavenger Hunt Challenge. Afterward, stay and view the stars through one of our historic telescopes or keep the fun going and watch Pink Floyd LASERIUM laser light show at 10:15pm. Wine and beer for sale.


Isaac Newton was a NERD!

Well known for his invaluable contributions to science with the law of gravity, his lesser known feats also live on and have a lasting impact on scientific thinking today. After making great discoveries around gravitational pull, Newton found himself pulled in to the business of telescope making. He bought a Galilean telescope and went to work looking at the moon and planets. But, the telescope didn’t work well, so Sir Newton built a reflecting telescope and named it a Newtonian Telescope. It worked well and provided better views than had ever been seen! Newton formed a secret society called the Telescope Maker's Workshop (TMW) to share in the wonders of his discovery with the worthy. Ozer, the current Grand Master of TMW, has generously agreed to let me share these secrets with you... because you're worthy. Join us as we explore the secrets of the society including how telescopes work, mirrors are made, and the effects on the body during photon absorption. You'll answer the most important question of all: Can I make a telescope or is that only for nerds?