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Enjoy the entertaining and highly informative podcasts brought to you by Chabot’s staff.


Podcast: Mercury Flirts with Venus (Download)

The two planets nearest the Sun discuss Pluto's demotion and other office gossip … as well as how hot they find each other.


Podcast: Jupiter Live on Stage! (Download)

The largest planet in the solar system takes his comedy act on the road ... and endures the abusive heckling of his fellow planets.


Podcast: Moon Holds Out for Top Billing in Total Lunar Eclipse (Download)

Moon files union complaint against Earth for overshadowing in upcoming August 27-28 event.



Podcast Video: Chabot's 2007 Green Tie Gala for a Sustainable Future (Download)

140,000 kids, their teachers and families star in this 3-minute fast-paced video; Listen to Mason WIlliam's "Classical Gas" and watch Chabot's kids, classes, activities and programs in action! Video debuted at Chabot's 2007 Green Tie Gala for a Sustainable Future.