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Bay Area Science Festival

Flash Mob Science & Shuttle

Saturday, October 27 (10am - 10pm)
Free Admission

Join us for free admission to Flash Mob Science at Chabot. In addition to Chabot's interactive exhibits, hands-on demonstrations and Planetarium shows, there will be "flash mob science." Flash Mob Science is guided hands-on experiments dealing with energy, light, sound, gravity forces and motion and is meant to instill children of all ages with the power of possibility.

Hop on board the free Flash Mob Shuttle busses that will be running throughout the area to take guests to and from Chabot. During your ride there will be an ambassador of science on the bus to enrich and entertain as you begin your journey to Chabot.

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Note: Activities/Events and Shuttle locations and times subject to change

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Bay Area Science Festival

Chabot is joining a host of institutions and individuals around the Bay in celebration of the 2nd Annual Bay Area Science Festival. The festival provides a wide range of science & technology activities at a variety of locations throughout the Bay Area. Young people will understand that science is fun, exciting, and important, encouraging them to pursue careers in science. Parents will feel more confident about supporting their kids' interests in science, teachers will have new resources to get students thinking about science outside of the classroom, and policy-makers and corporate leaders will gain an understanding that the public demand for science-related resources is real... and requires investment and support.


Friday, October 26

  • Star Party (6pm - 10pm)
    Included with General Admission
    The best place in the Bay to party with the real stars is at Chabot Space & Science Center! Visit the Observatory Deck to gaze through our large telescopes, free-standing 'scopes, and tour our domes. On the inside, enjoy music, beer & wine (available for purchase), a café conversation on Maya astronomy with author Jeanine Kitchel, a live Planetarium show, and a human constellation scramble where you are the stars! Cosmos Costume Contest! Come decked out in your favorite cosmos clothing - full constellation costume, a rocket ship hat, a roving meteor - and you're automatically entered to win a prize!

Saturday, October 27

  • Night Hike: Frightening Forest (7pm & 8:30pm)
    (does not include General Admission)
    Things go bump in the forest! In celebration of Halloween, we'll lend a little fright to our normal moonlight hike. The redwoods are aged, majestic and full of wonder. Walk with us and see what pops up... if you dare.

    All activities are meant for fun, but this spooky hike may not be for everyone.
    Please use discretion when deciding to join us. Recommended for ages 7 & Up.

  • Haunted Hallows (6pm - 9pm)
    Explore the dark side of Chabot with a night of spooky, ghoulish fun. Visit the Potions Lab, Electric Zone, The Laser Maze and The Haunted House.

Tuesday, October 30

  • Night Hike: Moon Rising (5:30pm)
    $10 (does not include General Admission)
    Our regular night hikes get a special flare tonight courtesy of the Universe. We'll head out a bit earlier hiking in the sunset and stop to watch the moon rise in the night sky. This moderately strenuous 4-5 mile trek features discussions about the natural environment, celestial events, and objects in the sky.
    Suggested: Bring water and a flashlight. Wear sturdy shoes or hiking boots and dress in layers.

Friday, November 2

  • Future Friday Speaker Series (6pm - 7:30pm)
    Ray Jayawardhana:
    Professor, Observational Astrophysics
    Soon astronomers expect to find alien "Earths" by the dozens in orbit around distant suns. Before the decade is out, telltale signs that these planets harbor life may be found. If they are, the ramifications for all areas of human thought - from religion and philosophy to art and biology - will be breathtaking. In Strange New Worlds, renowned astronomer Ray Jayawardhana brings news from the front lines of the epic quest to find planets - and alien life - beyond our solar system.

Saturday, November 3

  • AT&T Park Celebration (11am - 4pm)
    Train like an astronaut! Have fun with our hands-on activities that take you through astronaut training-style exercises. Test your balance skills and how well your brain can adapt to new conditions. Watch what happens to objects as we simulate launching them into space with our vacuum chamber!