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Sinful Science

Friday, October 25 (6pm - 10pm)
Tickets: $12 (does not include admission to the Center)

Stressful day? Grab a bar of chocolate. Heartbreak? That calls for a large bowl of mac and cheese. Nerves on edge? Nothing a glass of wine won't calm. What makes comfort food so... comforting? Why is it that the things that taste and feel so good, are always so bad? Are our brains wired to form habits around vice? Explore indulgence with us as we discover the motivation and benefits of vices. Enjoy music, wine, and beer.


Linden Street Brewery

Talk to these mad scientists to see a demonstration on how to make beer from a pumpkin!

Pyramid Alehouse Brewery and Restaurant

Grist mills, mash cookers, and whirlpools! Find out about the brewing process and how barley is transformed into this delightful drink!

Doughnut Dolly

Create your own donut filling combinations and sink your teeth into this sweet treat.

Barlovento Chocolate

Do you like chocolate milky, dark, or filled? Whatever the preference, learn about the tampering process used to create this delectable indulgence.

Cameron Hughes Wines

Smell it, swirl it, and sip it! Discover the complexity and all the notes in this vice!

Sweet Maria's Coffee

Watch how this magical bean transforms during the roasting process and learn why we love it so much

The Octopus Literary Salon

Enjoy sinful storytelling, a liminal library, live music, and a short play!