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Open Court Reading Program Science Topics

Open Court Reading Program Science Topics & Grade Level Recommendations for K-5

Listed below are the grade level recommendations for some of the classes offered by Chabot Space & Science Center along with which subject and reading unit requirements they meet for the Open Court Reading program science topics.

Grade Level Chabot Space & Science Center Class Reading Unit Subject
K Garden Plan-It Unit 1 Life Science
Garden Plan-It Unit 7 Earth Science
How the World Works Unit 9 Physical Science

Outer Space to Forest Place Unit 2, 3 Life Science
2 Fossils: Clues to Earth’s Past Unit 4 Life Science
Garden Plan-It Unit 4, 5 Earth Science
How the World Works Unit 2, 4, 5 Physical Science

Redwood Biosphere Unit 4, 6 Life Science
3 Dance of the Planets Unit 1, 6 Astronomy

Moonstruck Maria's Comet* Astronomy
Redwood Biosphere Unit 5 Life Science
Shooting Stars & Rocks from Outer Space Unit 1, 6 Astronomy
Watershed Ecology Unit 3, 5 Earth Science
4 All Charged Up Unit 5 Physical Science
Garden Plan-It Unit 2 Earth Science
Planet Trek Unit 3, 4 Astronomy
Surviving In Space Unit 1, 3, 5 Life Science

Watershed Ecology Unit 3, 4 Earth Science
5 Anatomy of a Life Form Unit 1 Life Science
Atmospheres in Balance Unit 2, 6 Earth Science
Challenger Learning Center Missions Unit 2 Astronomy
Mars Exploration Unit 2 Physical Science

Planet Trek Unit 2 Astronomy

Shooting Stars and Rocks from Outer Space Unit 2 Astronomy
Spaceship Earth Unit 2 Earth Science

Maria's Comet* is part of the Leveled Classroom Library collection of reader and is highly recommended for the Moonstruck class.