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Teacher Workshops

At Chabot, we offer teacher workshops both during the school year and summer. In an effort to support teachers throughout the year, we are developing various teacher networks to achieve this goal. One of our most popular network opportunities involves a group called FEAST (Fun Exchanges and Activities for Science Teachers). A growing number of teachers, interested in science, meet six times during the school year at Chabot to share science lessons and engage in discussion about important science topics. To become a member of FEAST, go to the FEAST page www.chabotspace.org/feast.htm and sign up to attend one of our sessions.

Upcoming Workshops

FEAST: Physical Science in Your Classroom!
Saturday January 23rd, 9am to 12pm

Sharpen your knowledge and learn ways to engage students to better understand physical science in their environment.
• What happens when solutions with different densities meet?
• Why do objects float or sink?
• How can I teach Newtonian Physics to my students?
Newton's Third Law of Motion; for every action there is a reaction; for every force there is an equal and opposite force.

We highly encourage you to bring a five to ten minute activity to share. Choose a mini lesson that addresses one or more of the above questions and which your students have found engaging. If you don’t yet have something for the above topics, feel free to bring a mini lesson that covers another aspect of science. If you have a write up of your lesson, please bring hardcopies to share.

Community Resources for Science & Chabot Space & Science Center Teacher Resource Fair and Field Trip for Teachers
Saturday, March 19th, 9am to 12pm

Chabot will open early, just for teachers, to explore the center and school programs available for your class! Chat with science educators from different organizations around the Bay and network with other teachers passionate about science.
Reservation required with CRS. More information to follow.

Education and Environmental Initiative Professional Development
April 9th, 9am to 12pm

Explore this FREE K-12 state-sponsored curriculum that teaches science and history-social science standards through an environmental lens. EEI helps students understand their relationship to the environment while preparing them to be critical thinkers and 21st century problem solver.

Cost: FREE - Plus receive a full class set of one of the EEI units
Limit: 40
Reservations required: Contact Karen, kfong@chabotspace.org, Subject: EEI; include name, grade, school district