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A new exhibit has been UnEarthed

Well Hello, Stranger.

We’d like to invite you into OUR STORY... up from the dusty musty vaults and HIDDEN TUNNELS beneath Chabot, we unearthed several objects. There were no manuals, no instructions, and only a few clues as to their origins.

A few pieces have already appeared, and we’ve received clues to more, so if you are an imaginer, a creative tinkerer, a lover of THINGS STRANGE AND SCIENCE-Y, come play, step inside, examine, help us figure them out…

What in the world could they be?!

On the floor today:

The Nose
Is it animal, or instrument?
Scream Booth
Let loose, and get loud.

Graphic Bridge to Somewhere
What's real and what's science fiction?

Stay tuned for:

Transporter Pad weird objects are appearing out of thin air!

Dig deeper

...explore deeper concepts with our staff...

By Alexander Zwissler
By Camella Bontaites
By Ben Burress

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