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Mission Scenarios

Voyage To Mars™

It is 2076, one hundred years after the landing of Viking I, and a now routine voyage to Mars has brought the latest human crew into Martian orbit. Control of the incoming flight has been transferred from Houston's Mission Control to Mars Control at Chryse Station. The crew arriving from Earth on the Mars Transport Vehicle has been trained to replace the crew of astronauts that has run Mars Control for the past two years, and to continue its scientific explorations of the Red Planet.

Alignment with State of California Science Standards

The Mission Teams

You will become a Mission Specialist working on a team to accomplish your mission's objectives.

  • Data (DATA): Transmits important images and shares vital information between mission control and the spacecraft.
  • Medical (MED): Uses computers to gather data relating to the crew's health and its reaction to the stress of the mission.
  • Life Support (LS): Monitors and repairs the spacecraft's critical water, air, and electrical systems.
  • Probe (PROBE): Assembles a data-gathering scientific probe to relay data for analysis.
  • Isolation (ISO): Uses robots to handle hazardous chemicals, conduct tests, and count micrometeoroid impacts.
  • Remote (REM): Works in a glove box to analyze mass, volume, and density of meteorite samples.
  • Communication (COM): Maintains a voice link between the spacecraft and mission control.
  • Navigation (NAV): Calculates trajectories, and analyzes and determines angles for launch coordinates and probe deployment.
  • Press Team (Optional): Interviews crewmembers, prepares biographical sketches of the crew and uses video/photography equipment to record the events of the mission.

Missions are available for school and youth groups and corporate groups, and the general public. Teacher workshops and classroom-based programs are also offered.

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