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Live Shows

Cosmos 360 Original Live Production

Blast off with us weekly in Chabot's original, live planetarium show series, written and produced by our staff Astronomer. An expert guides and entertains you with an engaging tour through stars, planets and galaxies. These live shows reveal the workings of the Universe from new perspectives. A new show launches every three months, so see the new one before it departs at warp speed!

& Saturday Evenings at 6 and 7pm
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Now Showing

Fall 2015: Year of the Dwarf Planet
Debuts October 3rd

Pluto, everyone’s favorite underdog among the planets, has long been an icon of dark mystery and murky expectation. Until now. In 2015, NASA made first contact with not only Pluto, but also Ceres, two of our solar system’s dwarf planets. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime as we follow the New Horizons and Dawn missions, which have revealed to us that no matter what call them, these small and beautiful objects are small worlds, after all….    


  • Winter 2015: Seeing Stars
    Debuts January 2nd

Science Revealed!

Be dazzled with exciting demonstrations led by one of Chabot’s dynamic science educators. Sudden appearances? Booms and bangs? Miraculous transformations? Enjoy a live and immersive presentation experience as you gain a deeper understanding for the way our world works. No, it's not a magic show - it's science!

For Showtimes & Tickets, please visit our calendar and choose your date