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Be a Summer Scientist

Summer belongs to you, make it cosmic with us.

Labs, demos, and missions are just part of the excitement of our Summer Scientist Series! Drop in and join the fun! Become an engineer crafting wind turbines and solar cars or be awed at spectacular live science demonstrations. Become a member of the team as an astronaut or mission specialist in simulated space missions.

Activities & Demos

Live Science: CurioSCIties ($5)
August 9 & 16 (1pm & 3:30pm)
August 15 (1pm)
A 30 minute interactive science show with fun and amazing demonstrations that showcase the wonders of science. Led by a trained Chabot staff member, audience members will embark on an educational journey through a rotating science theme presented in our Megadome theater. The inaugural show (June-August) will be on the curiosities of color changing reactions. It's not magic, it's science... and it's live! (Recommended for audiences 8 years old and older, though all are welcome!)

Challenger Mars Mini Mission ($12)
July 31 (1pm & 2:30pm)
Put your skills to the test by joining a crew on a simulated Mission to Mars in the Challenger Learning Center®. Build a probe and launch it to one of the moons of Mars, Deimos or Phobos. Design a life support system that can sustain your crew. Operate robotic arms to analyze hazardous chemicals, damaged meteoroid shields and more!

Daytime Redwood Hikes ($5)
July 17 & 31 (2pm)
Join us on a hike through the coastal redwood forest, a unique opportunity to experience these majestic wonders right next to the urban East Bay. Learn about the life cycle of the tallest trees on Earth and the plants and animals that live among them. We'll take a short hike up to the highest point in the park, and experience some of the native and exotic plants that make up this unique California ecosystem.

Engineer It Workshops

Build it, shake it, drive it, spin it!
Engage in one or more of the following engineering challenge workshops this summer:

LEGO™ Solar Car Lab ($5)
August 21, 22 & 24 (1pm & 2:30pm)
August 23 (11:30am & 2pm)
Enjoy engineering? Like building with Legos®? This is the lab for you! Design and build a solar car model to meet various challenges including speed, weight and original innovation. This type of Lego building is far from child's play!

Wind Turbine Lab ($5)
August 1, 2 & 3 (1pm & 3pm)
Engineer and test wind turbines for maximum electrical output! Participants compete against each other to design the most efficient turbine. Our instructors arm you with basic principles about the technology as teams embark on an inquiry and design adventure. Measure the energy output of your models with voltage meters and of course we want it to look good, so style matters! Data is entered onto an active leaderboard, can you lead the pack?

Earthquake Shake Lab ($5)
July 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13 (1pm & 3pm)
Design and construct a building that can survive a simulated earthquake! Create your own original structure and put it to the test on a shake table.

Bridge Building Lab ($5)
July 16, 17, 18, 19 & 20 (1pm & 3pm)
Construct your own bridge model to support the maximum amount of weight possible. Put it to the test! See how your design compares to other builders in the workshop.