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Whether you are visiting on a field trip, with your family, having a birthday party or on a date night adventure - we love to hear about your experiences. Whether you are 5 or 105 we hope something inspired you during your time at the Chabot Space & Science Center.

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  • "This place is so awesome - I want to live here!"
    - age 8
  • "Science is always fun. This science center is the best. I want to go everyday. I think sending humans to space is awesome, because then we can go see the other earth. Please it it up!"
    - Felicia, age 8
  • "This is my fourth time here. I LOVE it!"
    - Christian
  • "I think Humans and Robots should both go to space... the spaceship is pretty much a robot, right?"
    - Bridget
  • "This museum is so cool it makes me think I am in space!"
    - Carmen