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Tyke Explorers: Mollusks and Shells

Copernicus Room

The Living Earth – Over the next three months, we will be uncovering the mysteries of the living Earth! Find out about the diverse animals on earth including those with backbones, exoskeletons, shells, and more! We’ll then learn about the requirements to be alive and how worms help many plants live by making vermicompost. We’ll finish the unit with a day planting fruits and vegetables in the Chabot garden!

April 9 – Fragile Insects

                We’re inside out, no bones within. Come explore the life of our friendly, six-legged friends!

April 23 – Slimy Annelids

                My slimy life through the eyes of an earthworm…. Hey, wait a minute – do earthworms have eyes? Come find out as we explore our    
                friend the earthworm.

Guests: $12 / $10 for each additional child
$9 / $5 for each additional child

To Register: (510) 336-7373
Space is Limited. Advance reservations are strongly encouraged. The Box Office is open Wed - Sunday. On Mondays, please call Charlette Lim Yankowit

Tuesday, April 16, 2013 Showtimes

10:00 AM, 12:30 PM, 3:00 PM

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