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Tyke Explorers Workshop



For Ages 3 - 5 years

Expand your preschooler's universe by enrolling in our Tyke Explorers Workshop. Kids get to bring a special grown-up to share in the excitement of science and space. Workshops change weekly and are a combination of instructor-led lessons and self-guided, hands-on experimentation and exploration.

Upcoming Workshops

Advanced registration is required.
Call Scheduling Coordinator at (510) 336-7381 to register or buy advance tickets below.


*Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before the workshop and exit the facility within 15 minutes after the workshop

**Includes the workshop and admission to the center and a planetarium show for one adult and one child, Wednesday and Saturday only

JULY: Down by the Bay
Tuesdays, 1pm

Nothing helps to beat the summer heat like going down to the bay! Stay cool this summer as we explore different marine habitats, animals, and animal adaptations in the rocky tide pools, sandy beaches, and the towering kelp forests of the Bay Area.

  • Day 1: Rocky Tide Pools - July 14, 1pm
    Join us this week for a tide pool expedition! Find out what types of creatures make their homes in the tide pools, how those animals can live in such an extreme environment, and make a model of your favorite tide pool critter!
  • Day 2: Sandy Beaches - July 21, 1pm
    California has miles of beautiful sandy beaches to explore! Let’s find out how those beaches were formed by making our own sand. Then we’ll comb the beach for interesting sea shells, and learn about the sea creatures that once called those shells home. Finally we’ll learn about the critters that actually live in the sand!
  • Day 3: Towering Kelp Forests - July 28, 1pm
    Learn about an underwater forest that doesn’t have a single tree! Kelp Forests are large marine ecosystems with all types of living things. Come and discover what types of animals live in these seaweed environments, how camouflage and other adaptations help these animals survive, and what seaweed actually tastes like!

SEPTEMBER: Solar System Science
Tuesdays, 1pm

  • Day 1: Spinning Through Space - Sep 8, 1pm 
    Get ready to spin and orbit through class, just like our home planet does! This week we’ll learn how our spinning planet and the Sun work together to make day and night here on earth, what years actually are, and why we have seasons! 
  • Day 2: Over the Moon - Sep 15, 1pm 
    Do you know why the moon has spots? Or why it changes shape each day? Or what the moon has to do with the months? To find out, join us as we investigate our closest neighbor in space!
  • Day 3: Dance of the Planets - Sep 29, 1pm 
    Put your dancing shoes on because this week you’ll be orbiting the sun in a special production of Dance of the Planets, a live-action theatrical play starring you! You’ll create your own model of a planet or other object in our solar system, then head outside to bring our solar system to life!

OCTOBER: Kitchen Chemistry
Tuesdays, 1pm

  • Day 1: Mixing in the Kitchen - Oct 6, 1pm 
    Practice your measurement and observation skills as you mix ingredients found in the kitchen. What sorts of creative concoctions can you create? Slime? Ooblek? Bouncy balls? Elephant toothpaste?
  • Day 2: What’s Cookin’? - Oct 20, 1pm 
    Today we’ll use our measuring skills to make edibles! We’ll "cook” using temperature changes, pH differences, and a little bit of patience. *Please inform us of any food allergies prior to class, especially dairy.
  • Day 3: Is it Magic or Science? - Oct 27, 1pm 
    Invisible ink, growing gummy bears, dancing raisins, and rubber eggs! Learn the science behind these magic kitchen tricks!

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