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MON: Closed

TUE - THU : 10am - 5pm

FRI & SAT : 10am - 10pm

SUN : 10am - 5pm

Trainings for Mission Preparation

Due to the unique environment of a Challenger Learning Center® mission simulation, teacher workshops are provided for each teacher scheduling a school mission. In the workshop, pre- and post-visit classroom activities will be provided, along with a manual and video. Each mission prep workshops runs from 10am to 2pm in the Challenger Learning Center®.

Teachers must reserve a space in the workshop 2 weeks in advance. To reserve, call (510) 336-7381.

Level I workshops (required)

Beginning trainings for teachers who have not participated in a Challenger Learning Center® mission at Chabot.

Training sessions are held the first Saturday of each month beginning in January 2011.

Returning teachers for Challenger Missions.

Training session not required. 

National Standards Alignment Information

Challenger Center’s pedagogy promotes scientific literacy by encouraging exploration and inquiry and by exciting young people about knowledge and learning. Challenger Center believes exploration is the essence of learning. Our goal is to give teachers the tools to create a learner-centered environment and to provide materials that are a framework for embedding subject content in a meaningful and motivational context. The mission scenarios are aligned with the educational standards of the State of California.

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