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The Next Generation of Scientists, Innovators & Dreamers

It's a fact, science is part of our everyday world. Whether you are making a sandwich, riding a bike or building a rocket - its all around us. At Chabot, we are inspiring the next generation of scientists, engineers, innovators and dreamers. 

We offer many exciting opportunities for kids to get involved, get excited and get engaged! Check out our Discovery Lab, submit a question to a real life Astronomer or Scientist, take a photo in our replica Gemini Transport Capsule, participate in a demonstration, celebrate a birthday or look through a telescope at the same stars that kids looked at over a hundred years ago. Kids can bring their parents to our Tykes Explorers Workshops, participate in Space & Science Camp, or vanquish energy vampires in our Bills Climate Lab online game and much more.

The list below is just some of the things you will find especially for KIDS at Chabot.

Bookmark this page to learn about all the exciting things that we have just for Kids.

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  • Spring Break 2014
  • Tyke Explorers

    Tyke Explorers

    Tuesday, April 15 (10am, 1pm or 3pm)
    For Ages 3 - 5 years

    Solar System Science
    Let's blast in to space this month to take a closer look at the sun and its effect on us, travel to the moon and see how craters are made, and search our solar system for the biggest, smallest, fastest, and most colorful planets.

  • Wind Turbine Lab

    Wind Turbine Lab

    Tuesday, April 15 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Engineer and test wind turbines for maximum electrical output!

  • Electricity & Circuit Building Lab

    Electricity & Circuit Building Lab

    Wednesday, April 16 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Get all charged up for hair-raising experiments with a VanderGraph Generator. Create parallel and series circuits. Design an original circuit to power one or more modules of the International Space Station.

  • LEGO Solar Car Lab

    LEGO Solar Car Lab

    Thursday, April 17 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Design and build a solar car model to meet various challenges including speed, weight, original innovation and more.

  • Mission to Mars

    Mission to Mars

    Challenger Learning Center®
    Friday, April 18 (1pm & 3pm)
    Missions: $8

    Put your skills to the test by joining a crew on a simulated Mission to Mars in the Challenger Learning Center®. Build a probe and launch it to one of the moons of Mars, Deimos or Phobos. Design a life support system that can sustain your crew. Operate robotic arms to analyze hazardous chemicals, damaged meteoroid shields and more!

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    Saturday, April 19 (11am - 4pm)
    Included with General Admission

    This Earth Day, we're talking trash! Sort, compost, reuse. Meet teens who are working on an interactive trash sorting exhibit here at the museum and learn how you can contribute to the dirty fun.

  • Earthquake Shake Lab

    Earthquake Shake Lab

    Saturday, April 19 (1pm & 3pm)
    Workshop: $5

    Design and construct a building that can survive a simulated earthquake! Create your own original structure and put it to the test on a shake table.

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