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WED & THU : 10am - 5pm

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Live Shows

Cosmos 360 Original Live Production

Blast off with us weekly in Chabot's original, live planetarium show series, written and produced by our staff Astronomer. An expert guides and entertains you with an engaging tour through stars, planets and galaxies. These live shows reveal the workings of the Universe from new perspectives. A new show launches every three months, so see the new one before it departs at warp speed!

& Saturday Evenings (6:45pm)
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  • When Things Collide (September 27 - December 20)
    Movies, mythology, and popular culture paint many pictures of the ways that our world might end. How does science shed light on world-ending planetary disruptions past and future? We'll fly to celestial sites of devastation and disaster, exploring how these events shape our Universe, and could even threaten life on Earth.


  • Winter 2014: Cosmic Dance
    Debuts December 26

    Got restless feet? You're in good company: the Sun, Moon, planets and stars also have those ants in their pants and can’t keep their feet from moving to the beat of their ageless cosmic dance. Two-step, tango, break dance, and dosey-doe your way across the solar system in this live immersive show! We’ll cover a few basics of the dance of the planets, whose motions across the sky puzzled and bewildered Earthly onlookers for millennia.

Science Revealed!

Do you like watching things go "BOOM"? Have you been mesmerized by the dancing flame of a campfire or fireplace? What is Fire? Why do things explode? Find out as we demonstrate the reactions which cause flame to burn and create explosions. This show is perfectly safe, but some small children may be frightened by the sudden booms or bright flames.


  • November 15, 22 & 29 (1:30pm)
  • December 12 (11am & 12pm)
  • December 13 & 20 (1:30pm)
  • January 10, 24 & 31 (1:30pm)
  • January 30 (11am & 12pm)