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Teacher Workshops

At Chabot, we offer many teacher workshops during the school year and during the summer. In an effort to support teachers throughout the year, we are developing various teacher networks to achieve this goal. One of our most popular network opportunities involves a group called FEAST (Fun Exchanges and Activities for Science Teachers), which is a growing number of secondary science teachers who meet once a month during the school year at Chabot, to share science lessons and engage in discussions about important science topics. There are two ways to become a member of FEAST. You can go to the FEAST page and simply attend one of the sessions. Or when you sign up for one of our secondary science workshops, you will automatically be invited to become a member. There are other networking opportunities that exist and are a part of an external social networking page customized for a specific professional development theme or workshop such as our Climate Science Institute for teachers. This is an "invitation only" network that is offered to participants when applicable.

Upcoming Workshops

  • FEAST: Climate and Energy
    Saturday, October 25  (9am - 12pm)
    Free for Educators: Advance RSVP Required
    At this session our focus will be on climate and energy. We will start off looking at "tree cookies" as recorders of climate change. What can we tell by looking at a single tree ring? Consider sharing your favorite activities about how the weather and climate change with the seasons. How does human use of energy impact the climate? What kinds of renewable energy technologies can we use that generate less or no carbon emissions? What are the impacts of carbon emissions on our surrounding natural ecosystem? Bring your ideas, demonstrations or lessons, and share how you've made this connection with students. If time permits, we will take a short hike in the redwoods to do a few activities.

    If you missed last month or have another "cool, must do" teacher-tested demo or activity reserved for that "special" time in your science classroom - Halloween, Earth Day, National Science and Engineering Day - bring that to share too!

FEAST Sessions 2015:

  • January 31
  • February 28
  • March 28
  • May 30